IntroducingHelp Jar

Help Jar is a platform for automated, charitable giving. We've partnered with charities and institutions around the world who are fighting for our planet and the underserved. With Help Jar you can pledge anywhere from 0.1 to 5% of your revenue to those who need it.

Help Jar has been heavily inspired by Stripe Climate, a platform that gives a percentage of your revenue emerging carbon removal technologies. We like Stripe Climate, if you're already using Stripe it's a great, hassle free way to give back to our planet. With that said, fighting climate change isn't our only challenge as a community and people. Helping the most vulnerable and exploited, saving species from extinction and fighting for basic human rights are all important causes we need to engage in.

With a little charity and a lot of heart, we can make a difference.

Who are we?

Currently all development of Help Jar is done by me, Alex. I'm an open source technology and data privacy enthusiast who just happened to think of something I can do to help the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has really opened my eyes to the fact that unless we take matters into our own hands, the most vulnerable in our society will be completely exploited.

Do we make money?

That's a great question, and the answer is, not currently. Everything is funded by me, however I believe in sustainable business and that means it has to make at least enough to keep the lights on.

I've settled on a rough number of 1% of contributions greater than $100 a month will go towards running the Help Jar. That means if you're a small startup giving up to $100 a month via Help Jar, all of that will go to the charities you specify. After that we'll take 1% of your contributions to pay our running costs.

If you feel this is high, get in touch! We're more than happy to talk things over.